Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I have learned that some mutations are bad and some might be good. I think that the most interesting intresting mutation is the two headed turtle. It's interesting on how they survive. I like sketchnoting. It be easier if the video was slower though. Next time I would focus more on the information instead of making it perfect.

Monday, October 31, 2016

About me

I am an eighth grader at freedom. I like to eat pizza and be in bed. I also like to draw I guess. Eighth grade is pretty cool. I get to have more freedom as in going out with friends or something like that. I'm doing pretty good in biology it's not hard at all. I've been getting good grades in science so it's pretty good.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Comparing settings

The hunger games:
The world
District 12

pretty  town
Ugly vile

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bread in the hunger games

Bread is something really important in the book. At some point it represents petta and district 12. For example it represent petta since he is the son of a baker. It also represent district 12 since it represent katniss no pettas home. Petta is a huge part of bread. Lately in the chapters we focus more on petta than on katniss. We know more about petta and his past. It also represents that bread is important since it helps them survive on the hunger games. Lastly the bread also represents katniss and Gail. Katniss and Gail have a close relationship since the beginning. Gail is always brought up in katniss memories.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Katniss is very lucky that she is a poor person. If she wasn't she wouldn't be able to catch food or anything. Maybe in the capital the people don't need to learned how to hunt since they could just get food from anywhere. The people from the capital might go hungry but katniss might not since she has had days where she wouldn't eat anything. Wealthy don't have the same advantages since they are rich. Poor districts know how to suffer and don't really need to worry. They know hot to hunt and can get food instantly while the wealthy can't.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Does setting matter?

It does. It explains what could happen in the book. Setting could lead to a conflict or a solution to something. If the setting changed each time it would be difficult to understand. Some books only have about 4-5 different places to be. Setting could affect the book in a lot of ways. It could affect on how the characters are feeling. For example if the book takes place in a haunted house some characters may feel scared and other excited. Also it may change the way they act. Let's say they may feel angry because they went the worng direction. They also might change the way people dress like in the hunger games. It all completely changed. The setting is important. It could lead you to think the "what if's" for the book.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


People like seeing tv. Whether it's entertainment, the news, education. People mostly watch the news. They want to know what's going on around the world. Want to know the weather or anything new. When people watch something going on they act surprised and worried. Who knows if that terror will come to them. They need to be scared and terrified. Some may act surprised since they may see their favorite pop star having a new fact or something. Or the latest gossip. We know when it's tru on how people act. Or we could find out ourselves. Technology has improved so we could find out ourselves. We as human beings want to know what's going on. Why people are acting a certain way or want they want. Our culture is becoming big with news. More things are happening now in days. More danger, more facts.

Friday, February 19, 2016

What the story is starting to be about

The story is starting to be about if Tally could be brave enough and figure out the truth about being behind the experiment. She thinks being pretty doesn't change anything. But before she became pretty she left a note to herself. The note said "David's parents know a cure for all this. Hopefully it works. This is why I am here for the operation. To know if the cure works". First one topic is listing for her to be brace. After all the crimes she's been through she needs to know that it's the past. Second topicis these needs to realize everything is wrong. Being pretty is not a good thing. It makes you think a differentt way that you want to think. You may not notice but it does. You dont think like how you used to. Tally thinks that it's fake but then with Zane he thinks it's true. That maybe what David's parents say it's true.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Diary entry Part 1

Dear diary
The capital is nice. I guess. They serve us the best food we ever had in our entire lives. You wouldn't believe the night of the representation. We (Peeta and I) looked amazing. They call me "Katnisss the girl who was on fire". It was awesome. I saw a girl I knew during dinner. I remember her very well. I feel bad for the day that I saw her. I never helped her when the capital was following her and a boy long ago. Today we met with haymitch our teacher. I am angry at Peeta. He said everything that I'm good at. Like if he never wanted to be my partner. I hate him and haymitch right now. We're almost on to practice. Hopefully it goes all good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My book

The story is getting intense. Ever since Zane and tally took the pills people have been suspicious. Especially the specials. Zane has been getting weird headaches lately. Tally found dr. Cable again. She is with fear and doesn't know what to do. Everyone is really happy and excited about what tally told them about the incident that they jumped from a building.  Tally suggest Zane to go to the doctor but Zane says If he does the doctors will notice something is wrong. Because new pretties don't get illness.

Critical choice

A really difficult choice they had to make is if they wanted to go for the secret in Valentino 327. In Valentino 327 there was something that tallys old friend Cory left. She went with Zane to the location. What they found was a card that tally wrote to herself before she turned pretty. Their it explained everything that happened in the first book. Their it explained why they couldn't remember much. The pills were a cure. They would bring back the real you. But they didn't know if it would really work. It would leave you brain dead. Then they decided to take them. Luckily for right now nothing is happening. I have had difficult decisions like that.

Fashion reflection 2/17/15

The outfits we wear say what style we like to wear. Like for example they say our personality and what we are. Like hippies and emos and goths and indies etc. Our clothes represent us. You gotta wear the right thing. If you don't you'll get judged. Cause that's how cruel the world is :-). Clothes may tell people how we are and what we might be like. Everybody pretty much loves clothes. Some may be the right thing for them. We have to show good reputation to ourselves and other people. Nobody actually tells us what clothes mean. Maybe some but not really. It's basically only yourself. You know what it means. Some people could think a different way but you could think another way. Some people wear only certain clothes. For example some people may wear more brightly colored than others. Other people may wear more dresses than a shirt and jeans. It all depends on what they are like and what they like.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Dear mother and Prim,
I miss you all very much. Prim I hope you are fine and eating well. I miss your little curios and weird cute self. I love you very much. The campaign is going fine now. We ate supper. And it felt like a giant feast. Their was a lot of food. I ate like if I have never ate in a million years. The food was preety good. As I said I am doing fine. I wish I had father bow. Remember the bow that father gave me? I wish I had that one for the battle. I had a friend who cam visited me after you left she left me this pin with a mocking jay. It reminded me about dad. I remember how he used to whistle beautiful songs and all the birds would sing along. I'm glad she gave me that mocking jay. It feels like with it that I have a part of him with me. Like if with the pin dads protecting me. Also Erie said that last year the components were eating like pigs. That sentence was very harsh for my district. So I ate like that too :-). Mom I hope your fine. Hopefully your taken good care of prim. Make sure the plants are good enough to eat. Please take good care of her. She means the world to me. Don't let her starve. You know how I love her. I don't know what I would do without her in my entire life. Maybe you could advise me about Gale. See how he's doing. He told me he would help a bit. But make your best effort to repay him back to. I hope you both are fine. I love you both very much.

Love, Katniss

February 9 2015

I have never actually experienced it in person. Like actually seen it in real life. I think that I have never experienced this for various reasons. First of all I don't get in a lot of problems. I don't like getting into stuff like that. It hurts to know that if that ever happens you will be the person that everyone will want to hate. Also I have never experienced that because things that katniss has never actually could happen in the world. Some things like that do but don't happen very often. The word isn't that cruel like things like that too happen. Even though I haven't experienced it in real life I have seen it in a lot of movies. Cause mostly things like that happen in movies. I have seen this movie were I think the Koreans or Russians were fighting with America. Then they captured Americans so they could work for them and treat the like poor animals. Then this guy got in trouble for coming back and the Korean said if all the guys didn't punch him in the face another guy will get shot and die. Then they refused. But the guy who was punished wanted them to punch him. And not kill the guy.