Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Dear mother and Prim,
I miss you all very much. Prim I hope you are fine and eating well. I miss your little curios and weird cute self. I love you very much. The campaign is going fine now. We ate supper. And it felt like a giant feast. Their was a lot of food. I ate like if I have never ate in a million years. The food was preety good. As I said I am doing fine. I wish I had father bow. Remember the bow that father gave me? I wish I had that one for the battle. I had a friend who cam visited me after you left she left me this pin with a mocking jay. It reminded me about dad. I remember how he used to whistle beautiful songs and all the birds would sing along. I'm glad she gave me that mocking jay. It feels like with it that I have a part of him with me. Like if with the pin dads protecting me. Also Erie said that last year the components were eating like pigs. That sentence was very harsh for my district. So I ate like that too :-). Mom I hope your fine. Hopefully your taken good care of prim. Make sure the plants are good enough to eat. Please take good care of her. She means the world to me. Don't let her starve. You know how I love her. I don't know what I would do without her in my entire life. Maybe you could advise me about Gale. See how he's doing. He told me he would help a bit. But make your best effort to repay him back to. I hope you both are fine. I love you both very much.

Love, Katniss

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