Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fashion reflection 2/17/15

The outfits we wear say what style we like to wear. Like for example they say our personality and what we are. Like hippies and emos and goths and indies etc. Our clothes represent us. You gotta wear the right thing. If you don't you'll get judged. Cause that's how cruel the world is :-). Clothes may tell people how we are and what we might be like. Everybody pretty much loves clothes. Some may be the right thing for them. We have to show good reputation to ourselves and other people. Nobody actually tells us what clothes mean. Maybe some but not really. It's basically only yourself. You know what it means. Some people could think a different way but you could think another way. Some people wear only certain clothes. For example some people may wear more brightly colored than others. Other people may wear more dresses than a shirt and jeans. It all depends on what they are like and what they like.

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