Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 9 2015

I have never actually experienced it in person. Like actually seen it in real life. I think that I have never experienced this for various reasons. First of all I don't get in a lot of problems. I don't like getting into stuff like that. It hurts to know that if that ever happens you will be the person that everyone will want to hate. Also I have never experienced that because things that katniss has never actually could happen in the world. Some things like that do but don't happen very often. The word isn't that cruel like things like that too happen. Even though I haven't experienced it in real life I have seen it in a lot of movies. Cause mostly things like that happen in movies. I have seen this movie were I think the Koreans or Russians were fighting with America. Then they captured Americans so they could work for them and treat the like poor animals. Then this guy got in trouble for coming back and the Korean said if all the guys didn't punch him in the face another guy will get shot and die. Then they refused. But the guy who was punished wanted them to punch him. And not kill the guy.

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