Friday, February 19, 2016

What the story is starting to be about

The story is starting to be about if Tally could be brave enough and figure out the truth about being behind the experiment. She thinks being pretty doesn't change anything. But before she became pretty she left a note to herself. The note said "David's parents know a cure for all this. Hopefully it works. This is why I am here for the operation. To know if the cure works". First one topic is listing for her to be brace. After all the crimes she's been through she needs to know that it's the past. Second topicis these needs to realize everything is wrong. Being pretty is not a good thing. It makes you think a differentt way that you want to think. You may not notice but it does. You dont think like how you used to. Tally thinks that it's fake but then with Zane he thinks it's true. That maybe what David's parents say it's true.

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